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Aid to Artisans Video - 'What We Do'
World conditions change, new technologies emerge, the market continues to shift, but the essential ingredients of culture, tradition, passion and creativity inherent in sustainable artisan communities maintains a steady presence.
— Mimi Robinson, International Design Consultant

What We Do / Business Training

Michele Wipplinger's color trend board, AUBERGINE

India Market Readiness Program

The IMRP is a six-day craft business training, held in conjunction with South Asia's largest trade show, the Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair.

The IMRP is an integrated approach to business, product development, marketing training and trends. It is based on the idea that, rather than simply learning about the market, participants experience the market through interactive training.

The IMRP is an annual event for selected enterprises, but is open in subsequent years to other interested artisans, designers and exporters in the South Asian region.

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